Memories <3

Omg! My 10th’s over! Unbelievable! Time flies , right? Another year’s passed , leaving me memories. Eternal memories. Of friendship. Of fun. Of happiness. All thanks to my friends , classmates and schoolmates. Of course my parents too have a huge role in this , but let’s keep them aside for now. For all they’ve done for me , I’m dedicating this post to these people who’ve lightened my lives.

I remember , back in 6th , the proud girl I was. Frightened . Stuck up. Leaving my old life was a really big deal for me. It was no easy thing. But these girls accepted me. Changed me. And the result , the present me! They improve me. With my insanity ( of course , which most others are unaware of ) and my frank nature , I know well that being with me isn’t as cool and easy as it seems. And I swear , I don’t know how these people manage. ThankYou girls , seriously!

Time for individual dedications now.

I’d like to start with VAIDEHI. Vaidehi , You’re my Bae ❤ I would’ve definitely been suspended at least twice if it wasn’t for ya! You’re the one who was with me at every step , be it good or bad. And I know , you always will be. Let me tell you a secret. You’re even my mumma’s favorite 😛 I know I don’t need to say that I hope our friendship will continue forever. Cause I know it will.

Next , it’s VANDANA. Meri Sweety xP You were my very first friend over here. You’re my pillar. The one to which I can hold on , no matter what the situation is. Our thought are either exactly same or totally different , I donno why! Know all my secrets and feelings , and yeah , you’re my advisor too! Aur haan , Shubhi ki Premi xP

Then , EISHA. You’re the one I share lots of girly talks , and memories. My 9th with you was awesome. I don’t know what happened this year. About you , there’s one thing I’ve noticed. People refuse to see beyond your pretty face , as far as I know. Tell them to see behind that face. You’re prettier inside.

Next , MASEERA. You’re beauty with brains , Lol.. I’ve always loved those career-oriented talks with you. Our thoughts match , yeah? Amongst all of us , I feel you are the most mature. And yeah , I know you’re also one of the few people I can run to when in need.

Now , AASHI. I’ve known you for so long yet you seem like a stranger to me. On the positive side , you are a good listener.

Next , ISHITA. Oh Lol , I’ve loved your attitude since the start of our friendship. Our Ask chats , our whatsapp chats , hamara mahila mandal…All these stuff is indeed memorable. You’re one of those with whom I enjoy the most. And yeah , the only one with whom I share reading as a hobby.

Then , RIYA. Our friendship has history. 7th class! Remember? But I’ve started to know you , and like since that Mithi GobindRam Competition. And it’s amazing , the change I saw in you from 7th to 9th. Trust me , you’re awesome , even though you’re sleepy 😛 .. Stay the same , okay?

Okay , VANSHIKA. Seriously you are so innocent. So sweet. So cute. You enjoy your life and cherish all the moments. Or that’s what I feel 😛 And of course , you’re the ideal friend. Trust people too easily. And of course , crazy!

So , it’s SEJAL. We were best friends once , Lol. I like talking to you , seriously. But I like fighting with you even more 😛 My only entertainment in Catalyser..Had a lot of fun with ya!

APPS. We’ve definitely had some hard times , but not anymore. That cake you brought for me on 18th .. Thank you! We’ve had some real memorable times this year , Yay!

Umm….KAUSHIKI. You’re really sweet and you love me a lot xD I can’t ever forget the way you said , “ Kruthi , aaj kal tu baat kyu nahi karti mujhse “ ,I know if I leave this city , you’ll never forget me. And yeah , you’re real helpful too.

KOYAL and ANUSHKA … We don’t have that much of contact. But yet , even you guys have given me eternal memories. Koyal , meri jaan , samosa’s ke liye shukriya 😀

Apart from these idiots , there are my class ke ladke! Even my seniors and juniors have played a huge role , and have given to me their fair share of memories. Starting with juniors , JHANVI. Kasam se aisi ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi. She loves me so much that she’s always behind me xD But don’t worry , I love you too xD And the other girls , NUPUR and KAMNA and CHANCHAL .. The girls who’ve helped my house all the way through the year. Thank you guys! Amongst the seniors , I’d like to start with KASHISH DI. You’re the senior I’m the most open to. I love your friendly nature. And then , MAITRI DI. We’ve had so much fun during the sports day practices. Aapka nail polish , Lol. Wo dekhke nail art ka shauk chadd gaya 😛 Then , PRIYAN BHAIYA. Aapke status kyu aise hote hai mere aaj takk nahi samajh aaya … Aur shayad kabhi aayenge bhi nahi xP Aur wo pocha wali DP .. Chii seriously :3 xP Seriously , You and Riya form a perfect couple .. Dono sotlu xD Btw , look pretty together too 😛 And then there’s NANDINI DI..Jo mera bakwass sunti hai 😛 ( Thank you for that! ) Then there’s KARAN BHAIYA .. I’ve always taken you for someone intelligent. Our CGPA – oriented chats , and discuissions on statuses! And then , SHIVAM BHAIYA .. Remember that absurd chat? 😛 And then , there’s my house captain YATI BHAIYA .. Jo sirf sports ka kaam karte hai :3 😛 Thank you for your help this year! For getting the Best March Past thing , credit goes to you!  And yeah , NAMAN BHAIYA. I didn’t , at all , expect that you would support Vandana the way you did that day. That was indeed Kaabil-E-Tareef! A worthy headboy , seriously. Other than these , there are few others. ABHIVYAKTI DI , TANYA DI , TITHI DI , KAJRI DI etc etc.

A huge Bear Hug to all you guys! Cheers!

You may ask me? What’s the reason to write this? The reason is that I don’t want you guys to forget me , ever. After a decade , One fine day , I call somebody amongst you , only to find you stammering. “Who’re you? Kruthi? Kaun Kruthi? “ No. I don’t want this to happen. That’d hurt me. That’d hurt me a lot. For the saddest moment is when you become a memory. And anyway , there are fair chances that my father may get a transfer to Hyderabad this year , so I may leave. Lastly , Thanks again , for everything each one of you has ever done for me.

P.S : I know it is really difficult for someone to read this entire thing , so just check your name , which is in capitals , and read what’s ahead of it.


Follow Your Heart!

Certain poems show your exact situation!

From the second that you’re in this world

They tell you what is ”fair” ,

The questions you’re allowed to ask ,

And the ones you wouldn’t dare.

Placed on the path they’ve paved for you ,

Life pushes you along ,

Without the chance to stop and think ,

If it’s right where you belong ,

But beyond your pathway’s edges ,

Is where living really starts ,

A land of risks and danger ,

And a lands of broken hearts ,

They’ll tell you you should fear this land ,

That there’s no good at all.

As they live their life as they have been taught ,

Behind expectation’s wall ,

But the best people you will ever meet ,

Have wandered off their track ,

Found themselves along the way ,

And have no need to wander back.

So forget about life’s road map.

Make one of your own.

Follow your heart at any cost ,

For you’ll never truly find yourself ,

If you’re too scared to get lost.

  – e.h.

This is for me.

Cause poems are eternal ❤

This is for me.

This is for the breaths I have yet to take.

For the memories I have yet to unfold.

For dreams I have yet to discover.

This is for the struggles I have faced in the past.

To which I will part ways with comradeship,

For they gave bruises to my knees and made me realise

That falling down does not mean it’s the end.

This is for the sunshine in my laughter.

For the constellations in my eyes.

For the flowers beneath my skin.

And for the moon in my heart.

This is for me.

This is for who I was.

This is for who I can be.

This is for who I have become.

This is for who I wanna be.

Not who you want me to be.

When we show our love , The world opens it’s arms for us!

And that’s exactly how I’m feeling these days.

I used to live in Hyderabad , back when I was in 5th class. Came here , to Bhopal , in my 6th. Friends changed. Environment changed. I changed. Everything changed.

I used to think about my old school so often. I wanted to build the lost contact with my old Hyderabadi friends again. But I didn’t have anyone’s number to call. Time passed. Hours became days. Days became months. Months became years. And I couldn’t re-establish my contact with any of my old friends. And soon , I started feeling it was nearly impossible , speaking to them again , and stopped thinking about it.

But just before 3 days , I discovered my friend’s phone number on my mum’s mobile. I almost felt as if I discovered something super – important to mankind. Okay , it was only a number. Yet , I thought of the magic it could do. It could get me back my old friends. Old classmates. Old memories.

But then , a doubt started in me. Call it a fear. Will they recognise me? Do they remember me? I didn’t want to call , and find out that they’re going blank at my name. That’d hurt. That’d hurt alot.

Somehow , I gathered courage and called. her. Couldn’t find her then , but later she called. And guess what? She remembered me! It was a pleasant surprise. That feeling I got … that ‘ I’m flying ‘ feeling , it’s rare. And then , when I got to know that that the three people I knew best remembered me really well , It was a delight.

Seriously , Happiness is talking to your old friends after 5 super long years!


Poetry is love ❤

I was raised on ball gowns and fairies,

Stories that shimmered on my eye lids.

Like lost stars from far away galaxies.

Childhood was spent wearing crowns,

That glittered deep , endless gold –

A sea of royal colours and truths.

Once I thought that I might be

Something more than ordinary.

For my mother taught me that belief

Is the last ingredient of magic.

This could be a story of disappointment.

Of learning the world’s cruelties.

But no , that’s not the point.

The point is , Little girls are magic.

The point is , This is my story.

The point is , I believe in fairies

The point is , The crown still fits.

The crown always fits.

The Moon River And Me!

Another lovely poem! ❤

Oh Moon River , Wider than a mile,

I’m crossing you someday in style.

Oh Dream Maker , You Heart Breaker,

Wherever you’re going , I’m going your way.

Two drifter off to see the world.

There’s a lot of world to see.

We’re after the same rainbow’s end,

Waiting ’round the bend.

My treasured friend.

The Moon River and me.