Okay , Hey.

English LiteratureI’ve never been someone whom you call a ‘ Writer ‘ , yet that’s what I’ve always wanted to be. As I grow , the passion to write grows. The hunger to read is ever – increasing. But yes , I’ve tried to write , only leading to too many failed attempts.

Whatever mediocre stuff I’ve written , are most related to my personal experiments and experiences with life. But then , a fear deep down in me is there , the fear of pouring out my soul to strangers. I’ve never had courage to actually do that. So , most probably such stuff won’t be found in my blog.

Okay , the usual ‘ About Me ‘ page. I’m Kruthi and I’m a true Bohemian. I’m not a psychopath , but a partial sociopath. And as my URL suggests , Lunacy is the language I’m the most fluent in. Being in high school , I have to study all the boring subjects there , but my personal favourites are English ( Of Course! ) and History. I guess dead people are more interesting than live ones.

I hear you asking , why this blog suddenly ? This blog , I guess , is my way of expressing my feelings on the usual day – to – day topics , and maybe my connection to the virtual world. I’ll write for love , for loss , and for longing. I suffer from ‘ Athazagoraphobia ‘ , and hope to get rid of it soon.

I guess this would suffice as the introductory post of my blog.


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