Happy New Me!

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New Year. New Feels. New breathe. New Chances.

Same Dreams , Fresh Starts.

Same Desires , New Ways.

Okay , so it’s Jan 1st. It’s the New Year. It’s the time to start again. It’s time for me to stop thinking what I’m going to do , and start doing it. It’s just great that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me , no matter it was good or bad. I’m carrying along the good ,and forgetting the bad. I love this kind of closure. I love this feeling of starting over again , It’s like having a new chance ahead of me , full of new experiences , new lessons. It’s like having a new me.

The memories of 2014 are so pleasant and fresh in my mind. I would like to thank everyone who made them so good. This new year , I’ve finally jolted down 10 things that matter most.

i.I’m breathing.

ii.There is food in my fridge , and roof on my head.

iii.This World is much , much bigger that this City.

iv.I’ll be out there soon enough.

v.I haven’t lost hope , and I never will.

vi.There are millions of books that I’ve yet to read.

vii.Someone has it much , much worse.

viii.Someone just died…….and again.

ix. A child was born this moment……and again ❤

x. I can name someone who loves me.

These will make anyone , at least me , feel better.

Happy New Year , People Of The World!


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