When we show our love , The world opens it’s arms for us!

And that’s exactly how I’m feeling these days.

I used to live in Hyderabad , back when I was in 5th class. Came here , to Bhopal , in my 6th. Friends changed. Environment changed. I changed. Everything changed.

I used to think about my old school so often. I wanted to build the lost contact with my old Hyderabadi friends again. But I didn’t have anyone’s number to call. Time passed. Hours became days. Days became months. Months became years. And I couldn’t re-establish my contact with any of my old friends. And soon , I started feeling it was nearly impossible , speaking to them again , and stopped thinking about it.

But just before 3 days , I discovered my friend’s phone number on my mum’s mobile. I almost felt as if I discovered something super – important to mankind. Okay , it was only a number. Yet , I thought of the magic it could do. It could get me back my old friends. Old classmates. Old memories.

But then , a doubt started in me. Call it a fear. Will they recognise me? Do they remember me? I didn’t want to call , and find out that they’re going blank at my name. That’d hurt. That’d hurt alot.

Somehow , I gathered courage and called. her. Couldn’t find her then , but later she called. And guess what? She remembered me! It was a pleasant surprise. That feeling I got … that ‘ I’m flying ‘ feeling , it’s rare. And then , when I got to know that that the three people I knew best remembered me really well , It was a delight.

Seriously , Happiness is talking to your old friends after 5 super long years!


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