Follow Your Heart!

Certain poems show your exact situation!

From the second that you’re in this world

They tell you what is ”fair” ,

The questions you’re allowed to ask ,

And the ones you wouldn’t dare.

Placed on the path they’ve paved for you ,

Life pushes you along ,

Without the chance to stop and think ,

If it’s right where you belong ,

But beyond your pathway’s edges ,

Is where living really starts ,

A land of risks and danger ,

And a lands of broken hearts ,

They’ll tell you you should fear this land ,

That there’s no good at all.

As they live their life as they have been taught ,

Behind expectation’s wall ,

But the best people you will ever meet ,

Have wandered off their track ,

Found themselves along the way ,

And have no need to wander back.

So forget about life’s road map.

Make one of your own.

Follow your heart at any cost ,

For you’ll never truly find yourself ,

If you’re too scared to get lost.

  – e.h.


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