Memories <3

Omg! My 10th’s over! Unbelievable! Time flies , right? Another year’s passed , leaving me memories. Eternal memories. Of friendship. Of fun. Of happiness. All thanks to my friends , classmates and schoolmates. Of course my parents too have a huge role in this , but let’s keep them aside for now. For all they’ve done for me , I’m dedicating this post to these people who’ve lightened my lives.

I remember , back in 6th , the proud girl I was. Frightened . Stuck up. Leaving my old life was a really big deal for me. It was no easy thing. But these girls accepted me. Changed me. And the result , the present me! They improve me. With my insanity ( of course , which most others are unaware of ) and my frank nature , I know well that being with me isn’t as cool and easy as it seems. And I swear , I don’t know how these people manage. ThankYou girls , seriously!

Time for individual dedications now.

I’d like to start with VAIDEHI. Vaidehi , You’re my Bae ❤ I would’ve definitely been suspended at least twice if it wasn’t for ya! You’re the one who was with me at every step , be it good or bad. And I know , you always will be. Let me tell you a secret. You’re even my mumma’s favorite 😛 I know I don’t need to say that I hope our friendship will continue forever. Cause I know it will.

Next , it’s VANDANA. Meri Sweety xP You were my very first friend over here. You’re my pillar. The one to which I can hold on , no matter what the situation is. Our thought are either exactly same or totally different , I donno why! Know all my secrets and feelings , and yeah , you’re my advisor too! Aur haan , Shubhi ki Premi xP

Then , EISHA. You’re the one I share lots of girly talks , and memories. My 9th with you was awesome. I don’t know what happened this year. About you , there’s one thing I’ve noticed. People refuse to see beyond your pretty face , as far as I know. Tell them to see behind that face. You’re prettier inside.

Next , MASEERA. You’re beauty with brains , Lol.. I’ve always loved those career-oriented talks with you. Our thoughts match , yeah? Amongst all of us , I feel you are the most mature. And yeah , I know you’re also one of the few people I can run to when in need.

Now , AASHI. I’ve known you for so long yet you seem like a stranger to me. On the positive side , you are a good listener.

Next , ISHITA. Oh Lol , I’ve loved your attitude since the start of our friendship. Our Ask chats , our whatsapp chats , hamara mahila mandal…All these stuff is indeed memorable. You’re one of those with whom I enjoy the most. And yeah , the only one with whom I share reading as a hobby.

Then , RIYA. Our friendship has history. 7th class! Remember? But I’ve started to know you , and like since that Mithi GobindRam Competition. And it’s amazing , the change I saw in you from 7th to 9th. Trust me , you’re awesome , even though you’re sleepy 😛 .. Stay the same , okay?

Okay , VANSHIKA. Seriously you are so innocent. So sweet. So cute. You enjoy your life and cherish all the moments. Or that’s what I feel 😛 And of course , you’re the ideal friend. Trust people too easily. And of course , crazy!

So , it’s SEJAL. We were best friends once , Lol. I like talking to you , seriously. But I like fighting with you even more 😛 My only entertainment in Catalyser..Had a lot of fun with ya!

APPS. We’ve definitely had some hard times , but not anymore. That cake you brought for me on 18th .. Thank you! We’ve had some real memorable times this year , Yay!

Umm….KAUSHIKI. You’re really sweet and you love me a lot xD I can’t ever forget the way you said , “ Kruthi , aaj kal tu baat kyu nahi karti mujhse “ ,I know if I leave this city , you’ll never forget me. And yeah , you’re real helpful too.

KOYAL and ANUSHKA … We don’t have that much of contact. But yet , even you guys have given me eternal memories. Koyal , meri jaan , samosa’s ke liye shukriya 😀

Apart from these idiots , there are my class ke ladke! Even my seniors and juniors have played a huge role , and have given to me their fair share of memories. Starting with juniors , JHANVI. Kasam se aisi ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi. She loves me so much that she’s always behind me xD But don’t worry , I love you too xD And the other girls , NUPUR and KAMNA and CHANCHAL .. The girls who’ve helped my house all the way through the year. Thank you guys! Amongst the seniors , I’d like to start with KASHISH DI. You’re the senior I’m the most open to. I love your friendly nature. And then , MAITRI DI. We’ve had so much fun during the sports day practices. Aapka nail polish , Lol. Wo dekhke nail art ka shauk chadd gaya 😛 Then , PRIYAN BHAIYA. Aapke status kyu aise hote hai mere aaj takk nahi samajh aaya … Aur shayad kabhi aayenge bhi nahi xP Aur wo pocha wali DP .. Chii seriously :3 xP Seriously , You and Riya form a perfect couple .. Dono sotlu xD Btw , look pretty together too 😛 And then there’s NANDINI DI..Jo mera bakwass sunti hai 😛 ( Thank you for that! ) Then there’s KARAN BHAIYA .. I’ve always taken you for someone intelligent. Our CGPA – oriented chats , and discuissions on statuses! And then , SHIVAM BHAIYA .. Remember that absurd chat? 😛 And then , there’s my house captain YATI BHAIYA .. Jo sirf sports ka kaam karte hai :3 😛 Thank you for your help this year! For getting the Best March Past thing , credit goes to you!  And yeah , NAMAN BHAIYA. I didn’t , at all , expect that you would support Vandana the way you did that day. That was indeed Kaabil-E-Tareef! A worthy headboy , seriously. Other than these , there are few others. ABHIVYAKTI DI , TANYA DI , TITHI DI , KAJRI DI etc etc.

A huge Bear Hug to all you guys! Cheers!

You may ask me? What’s the reason to write this? The reason is that I don’t want you guys to forget me , ever. After a decade , One fine day , I call somebody amongst you , only to find you stammering. “Who’re you? Kruthi? Kaun Kruthi? “ No. I don’t want this to happen. That’d hurt me. That’d hurt me a lot. For the saddest moment is when you become a memory. And anyway , there are fair chances that my father may get a transfer to Hyderabad this year , so I may leave. Lastly , Thanks again , for everything each one of you has ever done for me.

P.S : I know it is really difficult for someone to read this entire thing , so just check your name , which is in capitals , and read what’s ahead of it.


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