HP Fandom!

Thank You Harry Potter,
For being so brave.

Thank You Ronald Weasley,
For your loyalty.

Thank You Hermione Granger,
For your wits and intelligence.

Thank You Albus Dumbledore,
For your kind words.

Thank You Sirius Black,
For being a father to Harry.

Thank You Neville Longbottom,
For standing up to people.

Thank You Draco Malfoy,
For setting your loyalties aside.

Thank You Gred and Forge Weasley,
For making me laugh in the darkest of times.

Thank You J K Rowling,
For all these amazing people.




Another Verse <3

Oh Freak!

Oh Freak!

To those who stay put

The world is but an imaginary place.

But to The Movers , The Makers

And The Shakers ,

The world is all around them,

An endless invitation.

But to the those like me,

The world is theirs.

” Weekly Photo Challenge : New ”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”


What can go with this theme better than this cute click of my baby brother?

Babies are like Sunshine –  Cheery , Bright , Warm , Bubbly and Jovial. And I think this New Year , taking inspiration from these Lilliputians , we must also try to be sunny and light hearted.  If that happens indeed , just imagine how better life would be! Way to go , Lil’ People! ❤

Happy New Me!

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New Year. New Feels. New breathe. New Chances.

Same Dreams , Fresh Starts.

Same Desires , New Ways.

Okay , so it’s Jan 1st. It’s the New Year. It’s the time to start again. It’s time for me to stop thinking what I’m going to do , and start doing it. It’s just great that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me , no matter it was good or bad. I’m carrying along the good ,and forgetting the bad. I love this kind of closure. I love this feeling of starting over again , It’s like having a new chance ahead of me , full of new experiences , new lessons. It’s like having a new me.

The memories of 2014 are so pleasant and fresh in my mind. I would like to thank everyone who made them so good. This new year , I’ve finally jolted down 10 things that matter most.

i.I’m breathing.

ii.There is food in my fridge , and roof on my head.

iii.This World is much , much bigger that this City.

iv.I’ll be out there soon enough.

v.I haven’t lost hope , and I never will.

vi.There are millions of books that I’ve yet to read.

vii.Someone has it much , much worse.

viii.Someone just died…….and again.

ix. A child was born this moment……and again ❤

x. I can name someone who loves me.

These will make anyone , at least me , feel better.

Happy New Year , People Of The World!

A Ragged Verse.

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You’re packing up your sleeping bag,

Your lantern and your tent,

And you’re off to find the life you lost,

But you aren’t sure where it went.

And I hope those mountains teach you,

How to stand both tall and proud,

That you see your life much clearer,

With your head above the cloud.

I hope you swim through rivers,

With their currents swift and fast,

That they show you must be careful,

When you wash away your past.

I hope that you are humbled,

By the vastness of the sea,

That the eagles high above you,

Make you feel like your free.

I hope when night has fallen,

And your fire’s just a spark,

The stars shine to remind you,

That there’s beauty in the dark.

But most of all I’m hoping,

That you’re learning while you roam,

That no matter the distance,

You can always come home.

You can always come home.

You can always come home.



Christmas is the time to open hearts , not gifts.

True , this. Christmas has always been a beautiful celebration in most parts of the world. Now even in India this celebration is taking up a new height. It’s really good to see the spreading up of this culture. A new addition to the Land Of Colours – India :’)

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Okay , Hey.

English LiteratureI’ve never been someone whom you call a ‘ Writer ‘ , yet that’s what I’ve always wanted to be. As I grow , the passion to write grows. The hunger to read is ever – increasing. But yes , I’ve tried to write , only leading to too many failed attempts.

Whatever mediocre stuff I’ve written , are most related to my personal experiments and experiences with life. But then , a fear deep down in me is there , the fear of pouring out my soul to strangers. I’ve never had courage to actually do that. So , most probably such stuff won’t be found in my blog.

Okay , the usual ‘ About Me ‘ page. I’m Kruthi and I’m a true Bohemian. I’m not a psychopath , but a partial sociopath. And as my URL suggests , Lunacy is the language I’m the most fluent in. Being in high school , I have to study all the boring subjects there , but my personal favourites are English ( Of Course! ) and History. I guess dead people are more interesting than live ones.

I hear you asking , why this blog suddenly ? This blog , I guess , is my way of expressing my feelings on the usual day – to – day topics , and maybe my connection to the virtual world. I’ll write for love , for loss , and for longing. I suffer from ‘ Athazagoraphobia ‘ , and hope to get rid of it soon.

I guess this would suffice as the introductory post of my blog.